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Absolutely Stunning Glanza For Sale – One Of Uk’s


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Hi all.

My mechanic Kevin has decided to sell his Glanza as he is going to transpant the 20v silver top turbo into a corrola rather than his glanza.

The car is in showroom condition and has never been mistreated. Kev is also middle aged (dont worry wont say how old!) so the car has been maintained irrespective of cost.

Kevin has being working on Toyota's all his life, and his father even owned a dealership back in the days. It has been serviced meticulously and you will not find a better mechanical exapmle. She is perfect. Over £8000 has been spent on this car since Kevin has owned it including many oem toyota parts.

I only have a couple of pics form a few months back, but will get some more up asap. here is the spec.

1996 Toyota Starlet Glanza in pearl white

47,000 miles

6 months tax, 9 months mot.

1 owner from new exc kev

1998 front bumper and 98 fog lights - rare glanza splitter

1998 rear bumper

1998 clear lights front and rear

1998 rear spoiler with clear stop light

rare 16 inch white speedlines (v.expensive) with brand new 195/45/16 Continental rubber all round. Lightweight wheel nuts.

TRD steering wheel

TRD gear knob

TRD pedals

TRD quick shift - 32% reduction

TRD gauges

TRD loweing springs - 25-30mm reduction in ride height

Recaro Interior from Mitsi EVO 5 including 2 x bucket seats

Blitz NUR SPEC exhaust system

Blitz SUS filter

Blitz Dump valve

Blitz Gauges

HKS fcd

Runnig approx 0.8 bar boost. I'l add more stuff after ive next seen kev but this is all i can think off for now. Were looking for £6,750 ono.

the car is Worchester, 1 hour from London.

The car is in outstanding condition, you will not find a better example for the price. Not a blemish or mechanical discrepancy in site.

Anyway, if anyone has any qu's then feel free to ring either me or kevin to discuss details. Or just reply to the post. Anyway, if interested then u2u for a phone number. Thanks all and here a few pics i had form a few months ago. Take care, Tobs

p.s pics are from a while back, hence she looks a bit high but that is all differnt now, same goes with the inside shot, but atleast you all get an idea. Will endeavour to get some more pics asap, tobs :wave:




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