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Job Interveiw On Wednesday

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I was at work this morning when a old mate saw me and asked me how i was doing and we chatted for about 40mins and the conversation got onto our jobs and basicly i said i wasnt happy after the incident where i got 240volt shock and i really was looking for a new job.

he said the company he worked for needed engineers to service and install and fault check systems as there was only two engineers to cover all of east anglia so i called the company for a aplication form and they were ment to send it out in the morning.

25 minutes later my mates back saying could i go to the companys office after work and ask for the regional manager.

After work i go and sure enough the manager is waiting for me with the aplication form and gets me to fill it out which i do then he takes me into his office and we have a very informal chat about what i will be doing within the company which i find very strange as i dont know really what the job intails so i as him to stop and ask him some questions and i like what im hearing and surposedly 60 people have applied for this job and not one was suitable and out of the blue my mate calls him and tells him im intrested.

Then he asked me to travel 35 miles for the second interview and i had to tell i couldnt as i has to pick my other half up from work so he gets up and walks out and gets on his mobile then comes back in and says can i get there on wednesday i say yeah no problem and im just about to leave and he asks me dont i want to know how much i'll be earning if i pass the second interveiw (i had completely forgoten to asked as everything was happening so fast) then he tells me 35K a year plus company car (and i nearly fall over) considering im on only 16k now.

So now im bricking it i really want this job as its better hours, better money and im my own boss, and i get a shiney new car so i must pass this interveiw help me please i need advice ive never had a interveiw for a job for this much money and i would really like it if i could get it :help:

Many thanks


(sorry for the esay)

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Just be yourself - thats the best advice I can give. 60 people and no-one right? I think you stand a good chance - they obviously like you very much and have come highly recommended from your mate. A lot of companies hire on recommendation (the place I work for does!)

Remember too that the interviewer is a person too, so things like eye contact, smiles and a firm handshake will go down well! Try and get an idea of the persons technique before you sit down - are they chatty, serious, friendly - and mirror this image if you can - ie if they are joking with you and being chatty, try and be the same back - this will make both of you feel more at ease!

Try not to fiddle with fingers, pens or anything - you're nervous but you dont want them to think you are - you're the right person for the job - you just have to persuade them a bit!

Best of luck Steve, you'll do great I'm sure! :thumbsup: :group-cuddles:

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It sounds like they want you - so just relax, and as Em says, make sure your true personality comes through...

Always play to your strengths, and if they have any questions which you have to answer negativley, try and put a positive spin onto it.

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Wot they said :yes:

There's also a guide to interview technique that Matt McNally posted in the General section of Gold - its really good for the whole "putting a positive spin on things" part that Fidgits mentioned.

One last thing - good luck :thumbsup:


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HE's made the re-arrangements to accomodate you for the formal interview so you've passed as it were. Just do exactly what you did this time. Most likely it's just the redtape that's involved so don't sweat it pal.

And goodluck :thumbsup:


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I had this dilemma when looking for a graduate job. I eventually bought a book by Max Eggert "the perfect Interview". I can't recommend it enough. If you are near smiths spend a fiver and get it.

alternatively, this advice from my uni careers service is pretty good


if you need a password to view it PM me.

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Just been through more or less the same scenario as you Steve. Only one interview though. :P But as everyone else says, just be yourself. They do seem very keen to accomodate you. So thats a very positive start. :D

Wishing you all the best mate. Good luck. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

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As said, relax. If you find yourself gripping the arms of the chair, relax!

Arrive at least 10mins early. If you're nervous (I'm always nervous, but that's me), then it gives you time to calm down.

Be nice to everyone you see - you never know, the guy in the car park could be your potential next boss.

Oh, and don't moon them!!!

:D :D :D

Good luck buddy - after what's happened, you deserve a good wodge of moolaa. ;)

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Yeah, just try to not be nervous, it sounds as if they're very keen to employ you but also bare in mind you're going to the interview without the job so dont put any pressure on yourself, if you dont get it you havent lost anything and gained some valuable experience that will help in the future. Having said that, I feel very confident you will get this but if you dont its not the end of the world. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best, thats what I always say.

Good Luck!!!

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