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Sensor And Decatting, Warning Light?


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I disconnected the top sensor on the manifold for the cat. (pre-cat) it ran better then normal as it wasnt using it to calculate all the balls stuff that make it run economical.

If i fit the megan manifold that i got then there will be no mount for the sensor. has anyone else done this? How have you guys de-catted your cars? Please shed some light as i am looking to do this very soon. :help::help::help:

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the sesor is there because the engine needs that information to calculate how much feul too use.

if u continue running the car this way, im sure it will cause damage too ur car.

if u have a hole drilled into the new part u want to fit, u can weld a stainless nut onto the pipe...thus u can use ur sensor again..


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