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How Much Is She Worth?


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hi folks

thinking of selling my car but wanted to know a rough price on how much to ask for.

it is a 2004 54 plate yaris t sport in thunder gray.

it has just shy of 4000 miles on the clock.

it has been lowered 30mm on Eibach springs.

it has never been in a accident or received any bumps.

it would be a private sale also.

thanks for any replys


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From Parkers!

Cost New ('04) £ 12227

Franchised Dealer £ 9255

Independent Dealer £ 8325

Private Good £ 7605

Private Poor £ 6600

Part Exchange £ 7245

Thats for 10000 mileage though, so add a bit more on for the low mileage

I reckon your looking at about £8k private, maybe more..... the fact its lowered may affect sale value though because you are limiting your sale audience with mods.

Hope that helps! :thumbsup:

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I've seen one on a 04 plate in my local toyota for something over 9k.

They are always more expensive in a dealership.... they buy them in cheaper than a private sale and then put a % mark up on it!

Yeah, i know, which is why your better off selling ya self. I dont think i'd ever do part exchange.

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