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Need To Get Lower


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Ok i have a gen 6 import celica and have decided it's not lower enough

This is where the problems begin

Can get lowerin springs for a standard st202 until i read the small print that says



Does anyone know the difference or anything that i can do

Also how i can check i have super sprut cause all i have is a sticker in the back window

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i had same problem as soon as import was mentioned the phone went quite :censor: eventually got some HKS lowering springs bout 35-40mm drop the guys who i spoke to from hks were the only ones who new that there springs would fit. had no probs apart from lot harder ride but more than compensated for by on RAILS handling :eek:

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I got the same prob as u littlewner u can't just put a set of springs on or springs and shocks you gotta change a few parts before u do, because of the figure of 8 design, im saving for the other parts then putting coilovers on mine getting rid of super strut.

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to change the suspension and get rid of superstrut you may have to replace the hubs,the steering rack ends ? the wishbone arms will need to be put in place,thats if they even will go on @( £ 350 each at toyota ) struts and springs too. so is it worth it . my superstrut has 255 bhp running through it and has just cost me £ 350 to do the drivers side and now it will last another 60 to 80 k .its a good steering/suspension system , just save and get it done , its worth it.

if you want lowering springs look for springs for a st205 , fensport do a trd 25mm drop for £190 ish

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