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Anyone Know How To Get The Black Strips Off ?


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I tried to take off the black strips that go around the car, but for the life of me i dont know how they come off.

Tried taking the one off near the toblerone indicator, i know theres a screw, but after that iv yanked, pulled, twisted and i cant get it off.

Anyone have any idea's ?

Reason im taking it off is that iv bought some of that folia tec carbon fibre sheeting, and i thought it would look good on these strips.

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Easy job to do :thumbsup:

Front one are bolted to the wing : If you jack up your 2 take the under tray off

you can get at the bolts 4 on the inport, 2 on the U.K. ones.

The ones on the door are glued on, the best way to get off is to use a heat gun/hair dryer.

The ones next to the door have 2 bolts + 1 screw on the wheel arch, you have to take the plastic panels off that cover the seatbelts, you need a 10mm long reach socket, on the n/side one is behind the amp. they are covered with ruber gromits.

The back ones are held on with 2 nuts, 1 inside the boot +one inside the wheelarch + a screw on the wheel arch.

Hope this helps :thumbsup:

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