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Swapping Stereo From An Avensis Gls Model To A Gs


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Hi all,

I'm new to this forum so go easy on me. I've just purchased a 1998 1.8GS petrol Avensis. My other car is a 2.0 petrol GLS Avensis. My question is how easy is it to transfer the Sony Stack Head Unit (CD and Casette) from the GLS model to the GS?

I've had a brief look and it seems that I may also have to also swap the trim around the stereo and heater buttons. As anyone tried this before? Is the GLS stereo compatible with the GS model?

Thanks in Advance.


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Yes mate it should plug right in. I take it you are on about the double din size sony one with CD and tape player and stalk remote control?

All ya gotta do is change the surround that goes around the buttons etc. Basically the whole centre column panel. It literally just pulls out. Get your hand in the cubby slot below the stereo and pull the panel, it just pops out.

Problem is, GS surround is a nice grey colour whereas the GLS surround is wood, and in my opinion not so nice.


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