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ive been told i can get my amp to run 2 components in the doors and a sub, but im a bit iffy about the wiring, ive been tol to run channel 1 and 2 as Speakers and bridge chanel 3+4 to run the sub, but this is where it gets silly as 1+2 are for right side Speakers and 3+4 are for left, so then i though maybe if i run 1and 3 for Speakers and bridge 2+4 for sub, but then the only adjustments for this amp are for 1+2 together and 3+4 together!

some one else told me to use the pre uts, i know these are to run another amp though and have never heard of them being used to run a sub


been doin some more looking and the inputs say left is ch1 and 3, and right is ch2 and 4.

got a rough idea in my head now but need conformation before i blow owt! thanks

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ok ive just realised that theres the option to switch between channels on this amp (doh!) but now theres others that im not so sure of, question time!

the filter should be running off for components and on low pass for sub, right?

crossover should be set as low as possible for sub?

theres another switch saying "input channel" with 3 options

1/2 3/4 1+3/2+4

which should i be on?

i know its a lot of questions but i need help, please dont just say go to an electricians, i know most of what im doin but i just like reassurance is all

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