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The threads here now ...

Debadging is easy - hairdryer (no Im not joking) the badges to warm the glue behind them. Then use something like dental floss to slowly cut through the adhesive pads.

When they come off they leave a mucky scummy pad - but that comes off with some elbow grease.

All of the badges apart from the bonnet Badge are just stuck on - the bonnet one has two pins that go through the bonnet - remember you would need to fill these if you take it off.

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once you hairdryer them get a corner up then slide a credit card thing behind and just release them. As said it will leave a sticky mess but easy way to get them off is to use petrol on kitchen towel and rub it off. DONT USE NAIL POLISH REMOVER. there is a high chance it will ubik up your paint. AND remeber the the Toyota emblem Badge will come off but will leave holes in your car.

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