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Next Time You Call Your Bank.....

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Do you hate calling your bank?

Are you rude to the person on the other end because they've charged you AGAIN? Are you sick of speaking to the wrong department? Do you scream and shout abuse and demand to speak to a manager immediately, only to be told he or she is "on lunch"?

Next time...... take a deep breath, relax and be nice instead....



Sorry - you just gotta laugh! lol

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Haha Brilliant! :lol:

I'm on the phone a lot at work, and I must say that the nicer the Customers are the more I help them. If they are Grumpy and Annoying the less I help! :rolleyes: Wouldnt ever go that far as doing something like that to a Policyholder but it is class!

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When I used to work at Holland and Barrett there was this horrible lady who'd call us and shout abuse down the phone - so we put on her computer notes "Vile Woman" and would always document all her conversations because she had a habit of ringing our boss and telling him we'd told her something when we hadnt - she was awful and we dreaded her calls (which were frequent!)

We'd never've put Vile Woman in the name line though - how daft is that employee! :lol::lol:

Although I kinda wish I had - what great comeuppance - a letter addressed to Mrs Vile Woman! :lol::lol:

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