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Ohm's Law


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As some of you will know i went for my second interveiw today and i got the job even though i did argue with the regional manager about Ohm's law and Power law.

ive always thought that Ohm's law was V = I x R

and power law was W = I x V

but he was telling me it was now a europeans had changed it to something else and the above no longer applys and is now worked out in a different formula can anyone explain what it is?



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Cheers guys and girls i followed the advice you all gave me on interveiw techinces and i sailed it so thank you all :thumbsup: also he liked the fact that i argued my case on ohm's law but it seems we were both right just different methods of working it out.

F.A.O. Daktari thanks for the link mate thats what i was looking for :thumbsup:

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Well done & congratulations. :thumbsup:

I'm somewhat distressed to hear that Ohms law has changed though. That's got to cause problems!

Voltage = E. Well isn't that just great. Obviously it's much easier to remember that Voltage is E than V. :(


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Ohm's Law hasn't changed. E = emf. V = voltage. Both are naturally measured in volts.

Strictly speaking it's R=V/I but of course you can get V = IR from that and I = V/R.

Are we on about E = I(R + r) here? That's simply an extension of the law.

Congrats on the job Steve. :thumbsup:

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Mmm... I started reading this topic and being an electrical engineer I am very interested to find out that Ohms law has changed! I must immediately go straight back to work and check my calculations. Perhaps that why the generators are all going strange...

Anyway back to the reason for dropping a note in to the conversation:-

In the good old days, Red, Yellow and blue were the phase (live wires) in a system. The black wire was the neutral. Now the Europeans use brown, grey and black as the phase and the blue as the neutral. We in the UK have now adpated the European standard. This means that the blue can now be live or neutral and the black can be live or neutral. Confussed you should be...


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Thanks for putting my mind at rest Al J - I feel much better now.

Welcome to TOC GrahamRoy. I used to be an electrical engineer in the dim and distant past. Glad I got out before the colour of live and neutral got changed! Next we'll decide that all new cars have to drive on the right, but the old ones can carry on driving on the left.

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