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Ok, here's the deal;

Last week Anorthosis Famagusta FC played against Trabzonspor from Turkey in Nicosia in a UEFA Champions League qualifier. It was the first time that a Cypriot and a Turkish team had played against each other, before and after the Turkish invasion of 1974.

Anorthosis were seen as the underdogs of the competition, and the match was seen by UEFA as being a high risk fixture due to the tensions bertween the two countries. However, Anorthosis managed to run out as 3-1 winners in a match they will stay in many people's minds for a long time.

Next week this refugee football club will be playing against the winners of last year's Scottish Premier League. Glasgow Rangers. This will be the biggest match in at least 30-40 years that a Cypriot club has played. Never has a Cypriot team reached this far in Champions league qualifiers. This match will generate much needed cash for this club, as all football clubs in Cyprus are having extreme financial difficulties nowadays.

There's no need for me to list the names of players that play for Rangers, as i'm sure most of you all know them. I will list a few names that you may of heard of before that play for Anorthosis;

Temuri Ketsbaia (ex Newcastle United, Wolves and Dundee United)

Georgi Kinkladze (ex Manchester City, Ajax and Derby County)

Marcos Haber (ex Kaiserslauten, Stuttgart and Las Palmas)

Everybody please lend your support for this little team who just may create one of the biggest upsets in Champions League football this year. Home leg (In Nicosia) to be played on 9th/10th August and return leg (In Glasgow) to be played on 23rd/24th



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Rangers ain't all they are cracked up to be mate. They may win the league again this year but its not because they are good, its because Celtic are really bad! :yes:

I'll be watching if its on TV and be cheering for the Cypriots! :thumbsup:

P.S. No-one give me the "If Rangers win, its good for Scottish football" - who cares, I hate Rangers! :D

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I agree.. C'mon Anorthosis.

Not because i hate Rangers (why hasn't the swear filter edited that?).. but because i don't want them to win.

Us Celtic supporters got slagged off at work this week.. lets hope it's their turn this time :lol:

P.S. Just so that you all know.. all this suff about bigotry etc is way exagerated.. it is no where near as bad as people like to make out.. there is however a great rivalry, but the bitterness etc has long since gone in Scottish Football. (exept for a very small minority) i'm sure Ran and any other descent fans of the Old Firm will agree.

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Good luck Anorthosis, I'll definately be wanting you to win, nothing against Rangers & no disrespect to Anorthosis but I feel if we got through and were drawn in a group with Anorthosis we'd have a better chance of getting to the next stage. I wont be able to give you's my full support, however, as I'll be busy thinking about Everton in our Champion's League matches (no matter how many times I say that, it always feels great).

Btw, Ryan, :censor: scottish football, do you think I wanted Liverpool to beat Milan for the good of english football? No chance, I wanted them to get beat for the good of Everton Football Club (they've got extra buying power now), that's the way it always has been & always will be.

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