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Noise On Wheel


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Morning all,

I discovered a noise on the left whell/area. Its a kinda squeeking noise, ive checked everything, stones, breaks, turning etc. My dad says he gets it sometimes on his T-Sport, any idea what it is?

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As above.

And where's the avatar gone??!?!!


Im at work atm so my boss can see what im looking at :P

It'll re appear tonight

LOL i think i should do one of me to scare my boss off :P well theres a few on TOC allready :P (thanks gordy :rolleyes: )

theres not alot of things it could be, worn suspention joints (if squeeking is when the car goes up & down) f***** shock absorber, maybe track rod end. or it could be like you say, stone lodged somewhere rubbing on disk. squeeky brakes, wheel bearing or at a long shot driveshaft (prolly not though).

what kind of noise is it, when does it do it? when you go over bumps, all the time or when steering? also how many miles has the car done?


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I would say wheel bearing - quite common problem

Does it happen when you steer hard one way or the other ?

Does it only happen when its in gear? Try going downhill taking it out of gear and letting it roll for as long as possible - to see if it still does it

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