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Just about to book my Yaris in for it's second service, first since i got the car. Where any of you nervous? i.e. about cost etc? Or do you all just get on with it?

Forgive me if i am being totally pathetic here


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I think everyone gets a little nervous about the cost - do you know how much your centre charge for the 20,000 mile service?

You're not pathetic, dont be silly! I remember being petrified when I took my Matiz for his first MOT - I was adamant he'd fail it miserably and I'd have to pay a fortune in repairs - but he passed with flying colours!

The only thing that worries me about Kaoris first service in December is the cost in all honesty! lol Although it shouldnt be too bad!

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My car is out of warranty so i will be taking it to a family friends garage for servicing. Just realised that it is going to be a pre MOT service and MOT i will be putting it in for.

So worried that it is going to cost me a fortune!

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Well, if it's a family friend, surely thery'll not try and rip you off?

Plus, if it's only done 20K miles, there should be nowt wrong!

Doesn't the Mr T warranty cover 3 yrs, or 30K miles though?

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