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hello,im a newbie too this site and joined because im getting given a corolla gti-16,but im not sure wot model it is.the car is on a g plate and has a 4a-gze engine and i thought the it should be 4a-ge :unsure:

the car has an mot but no tax and has a little rust on the boot lid but apart from that its in good shape.

p.s does anyone know the stats of the car bhp etc. :yes:

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If it's a UK Corolla GTi then it would have had a 4AGE (125 or 129 bhp) as standard. If it has a 4Agze then it seems that it's had a engine transplant. The 4AGZE came in several flavours - anything from 145bhp (US spec AW11 Mr2 supercharger) up to a late Japanese spec Levin supercharger with 165 bhp. Lots of further tuning potential as well. If you can't see a top mounted intercooler then you may find one in front of the engine cooling radiator - you should see some 2 inch diameter alloy pipes going from the front in fron of the rad to the supercharger at the back of the engine.

If it is a 4AGZE then smile :P :) :) :drool::drool:

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Semi, fully synthetic is really only good in a new engine or at least one thats built for it in the first place.

if you got a 4agze when you open up the bonnet there will be a funnly looking thing like a small rad or really odd airfilter slap bang on top of the engine, if someone has taken the time and effort to mount a FMI (front mount intercooler) then your very very very lucky.

excuse me whilst i sit in the corner and sulk and go green with envy......

Dont worry if it's not a 4agze as it will still go hard if driven correctly (i.e. over 4000rpm :))

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hello,i know for sure it hasnt got a intercooler on top of the engine.

10w-40 oil good for the gti?

also,im not sure if its a early or late model but has electric windows and gauges in the center of the dash showing Battery and oil temps and the seats are the really comfy racey type :D

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