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Family Hols -- Malta Or Crete?

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Hi considering hols this September/October in Malta or Crete.

Myself, wife and two kids. Would like good clean hotel 3 or 4 stars or 2-bedroom apartment with kitchen (also small, definitely seperate place for Soup Dragon baby sitter). Good food, safe water, things to do for kids (3 and 5), no stress or hassels. Bit of nature and history wouldn't go amiss but chiefly want to relax after stressful nonstop work.

Anyone out there got any experience? Ideas and recommendations appreciated!


Mr Wagon

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im a fan of crete myself, although dont bother going to palm beach, because its nothing like it looks in the pictures at all!!! <_< on the south west of the island theres a lovely little village (thats only accesable by boat) that sits at the opening of a massive gorge that you can walk up (nice for kids too). dont venture into the center of ths island as its very remote and easy to get lost as some of the roads arent on maps.

never been to malta, but the g/f is always raving about it saying how nice it is there, and from what i've seen it looks like a loverly place.

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Anne and I went to Malta a few years ago and unless it has changed drastically I don't think It's a place for kiddies although I must say the place is steeped in history---------and that's about it.

There are some scenic places to visit but on the whole I found it a bit boring having said that the Maltese people are fantastic and they really looked after me when Anne had a serious illness while we were there.


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Iv been to malta and it was by far the best holiday we ever went on, I was about 15 at the time, but it was &#33;Removed&#33; expensive, we ended up doing suba diving, jetskiing, parasailing(crap), rented a boat etc.

You HAVE to go to the blue lagoon B)

where i went was great for kids, but the next town/city was a seroius partying place so it depends where you go.

Damn... some good memories :crybaby:

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Seems that as far as adults with young ones are concerned, Crete may be the most suitable. I'd read that the people of Malta are friendly, and that kind of atmosphere always helps. Not only that, it would in fact make a nice change for me to spend time in a country where English is widely spoken! But at the end of the day, Crete offers more choice for the family. An apartment with a couple of bedrooms and a kitchen should do the trick.

I've now also noticed (some years since last proper holiday) that our holiday costs have doubled as the original married couple has become a foursome. My reward for working hard this summer is that I feel I need a holiday in the sun to get me through the dark winter -- and at the same time the holiday will take back a good share of the income generated by missing the sun in the first place. There's no justice!

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I would justify myself to you but I can't really be bothered. Also, I have had friends and relatives who have been to both places and have commented on the weather. Oh yeah, another thing, if you are pretty well educated as I think I am as I go to university you kind of get to know these things! :thumbsup:

Whoops, just justified myself! :D

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