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Corolla 1.6sr Seats

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Firstly, many thanks to those who helped mith advice on my Carina E 1.8 GLi lamda query. The information I received was most useful.

On a sad note Nina is no more. :crybaby: After taking her from 30k to 135k in 6 years (and of course two lamda's!) it was time to part company. She was a superb commuter, sporty get-away from the lights when required, a very reliable workhorse, and other than the lamda's, a joy to drive and own.

As the saying goes though...

"The Queen Is Dead, Long Live The Queen!"

I am now the proud owner of Sara the Corolla (1.6 SR) and only have one gripe which perhaps someone can help me with.

The Seats! - The drivers one in particular. At present every time I release it for rear seat access it 'forgets' my settings. Is there a Celica or Supra seat which, when released, subsequently remembers the settings and will also fit the current rails?

For the record I am getting about 35 to the gallon but haven't been on a 100+ mile run yet and, compared to Nina, Sara is a bit buzzy at the higher speeds (70 mph = 3600 rpm as opposed to 3200 rpm with Nina) and perhaps could have done with a slightly higher ratio for 5th gear? Having said that, the acceleration in 5th when needed is a joy.

I would also welcome hearing from anyone with their experiences of Corolla 1.6 SR ownership as well, Sara having only 50k on the clock means that I'm bound to hit the higher mileage querks that other owners have already got through. If there are any of course!

Happy Toyotaring.


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There's a few SR owners on here - me included but mine is a bit non-standard so my experiences may not be worth much to you. I've changed my front seats for MR2 ones but although they are much more sopportive they don't remember their last setting. Fitting wasn't straightforward either - lots of grinding and welding required.

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I also agree, Corolla 1997 to 2002 (AE111) seats are an area where Toyota really slipped up! :ffs:

Would seats from an earlier AE92 (GTi) or AE101 (SI, GXI etc.) fit or is there a recommended after market one?

...I'm interested for myself here aswell.

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Many thanks for the replies so far. At least I'm not the only one who is frustrated by the seats.

As Twincam.GTi states, if there are any moderate quality after-market ones (ie. about £200) that you think would be a good replacement then I'd welcome recommendations.

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