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hello to all

i own a corolla TSport 2004 model (face lift).

I am on a internet research for some engine mods.

While i was wondering around i discovered the "typhoon" intake kit provided by KnN. As they claim is provides the 2zz-ge engine with more than 10 hp (???yeah right!!!). anyway...

i also discovered that if anyone would like to alter the lift point from 6200 rpms to lower (ex: 6000) the only way to do it is by replacing the ECU (mine is DENSO) with the APEXi POWER FC. This is not a piggy bag but a complete stand alone ECU that replaces the OEM.

It gives full access to all engine characteristics including VVT and VVTL.

Has anyone tried it yet?

And finaly, what about an exaust? Shall i just replace the rear end muffler with a sportier one? (ex: tte sport exaust muffler.)

will these 3 work? will i be able to see any improvments?

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hiya mate. am intrested in the lift drop hw much does it cost and where can i do this. Also where in the rpm can u start the lift from. av add you to my frends list. I will b gettin an exhuast system a full exhaust system, i will b takin off my cat i will let u no hw it goes. B)

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The OEM exhaust manifold is the first thing you need to change.

If you seriously need more, buy a TTE kompressor kit. TTE kit comes with a TTE ecu made for the compressor kit. You can get it legally installed in your car. If it doesn't matter if it's legal or not, get a greddy kompressor kit.

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