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Rav 4 Diesel Power


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I know you say your engine appears to be underpowered, but how are you measuring this (acceleration, top end speed, torque).

The gearing is set for a SUV not a family saloon, so don't get too worried unless you have something similar to compare it against.

I have to admit my DVD is brand new and the only comparison I have was my previous car, an Audi A4 sport with 130 bhp and acceleration and top end to match.

The Rav seems agricultural in comparison, but is great fun to drive and goes more places than my Audi. :)

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Well the thing is that I have a TTE prformance kit installed and there I have 120 bhp and 280 NM. Normally I should have 140 bhp and 300 NM.

So there are 2 possibilities ; one is that something is wrong with the car(standard power is less than normal) , second the kit is defective.

The kit is allready changed with the same power result so there is a probability that the standard power is less to begin with.

The test bench is only available from 15 august so I have to wait untill then to be sure the standard power is correct or not.

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How hard do you drive your Rav ?

You could try giving it a good thrashing (high revs whilst driving) but make sure you get it to normal operating temperature first and don't do it while stationary....

This will help clear out the soot build-up.... if you see alot of black smoke don't worry.... this is normal.....

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