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Im really keen on getting a Rav-4!

Could anyone let me know what the common problems are?

Whats the best year and milage to go for?

im looking at 1998 onwards at the mo!

i've heard a lot about Oil probs has anyone experienced this??

Plus what milage does things start to go wrong?!

Grateful 4 ur help!!

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

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Not much on the old shape

Abs light on = ABS sensor fault at £130 + each x4 but rare

Frt brake discs can get worn by 50000 mile mark

a few rattles in the back but easy to fix

Make sure the timing belt has been replaced due every 5yrs 60,000 miles £300 job at a dealer

Overall make sure its been serviced when due

Gear change can get worn - the synchro go and make 1st to 2nd & 2nd to 3rd notchy. Although a Rav gearbox cant be rushed anyway without a bit of notchyness

Also make sure it doesnt fall out of fifth gear

Rear shockers slight leakage but only £30 each and 1/2hr per side to fit

Tyres - wear quickly if Dunlop and the 235 size aint that cheap but 215 size u can get for £60 each

Exhaust heatshield comes loose and vibrates but not a big job

Expect 25mpg and poss 30 on a careful run

Sounds dramatic but to be honest one of the more reliable Toyota's on the road

and after all that !

I may know someone selling a 99 3dr special edition Freesport soon ;)

Due to no longer needing a 4wd for £4500 ish

with a new timing belt last month, 2 new tyres last month, new frt brake discs & pads last month and all gear oils,diff oils & Oil & filter change last month

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:yes:  :yes:  :yes:  :yes:  :yes:

Has it got good gear ratio??

Also my budget only covers £3000 but every rav i see varies in price so much!! what year and milage would you recommend for that price??


Depends on 3 or 5dr

work on a 5dr £750 more than 3dr

N reg 3dr with 80-90k for £3000

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