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Need Some Help With My Ice


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Right peeps, I should be sorting out my ICE this month, and just want a little bit of advice on it. I want to keep the whole install in my car Pioneer, so it's got to be Pioneer subs and amps etc. So far i have an OEM Pioneer headunit, 4" coaxials in the front and 6x9's in the back. Does anybody have any suggestions as to what i should go for exactly? I mainly listen to R'n'B/Hip-Hop and Trance music. I know that trance music is better with 10", but understand that R'n'B is better with bigger subs.

So i've found these subs for 10"



Probably would need 2 of the bottom ones to make the bass of the first one?? :wacko:

...and these for 12"



I honestly don't know anything about subs and amps, so any help is very welcome. I want a nice install in my boot (bear in mind it's a Vitz/Yaris). It really doesn't matter too much about boot space (because i rarely use it).

As for amplifiers, which pioneer amp would you recommend for the setup of pioneer subs that you choose?

Thanks in advance


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I would probably say this sub as it's a dual 4ohm sub, and if you want 2 then this will be the better sub as you will need a mono amp and wire it in parallel.


I would say this amp,


I would choose these but if I'm wrong i'm sure someone here will tell me

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