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Been glued to Wikipedia this weekend learning stuff, today been most learning about Culture and somehow got onto Computer Games!

I've had almost every console going.... from a ZX Spectrum when I was young, to a NES, Megadrive, SNES, PlayStation, N64, Dreamcast, Playstation 2 & XBox - plus I used to work for a well know games retailer when I was a young lass, so used to be able to get loads of cheap games! I've since sold them all though - we only have the XBox now and thats Rich's!

Made me think though - so many consoles, a hell of a lot of awful games but loads of excellent games over the years - like the Zelda, DonkeyKong, Megaman, Mario & Sonic franchises - to Metal Gear Solid, Half Life, Doom, Grand Theft Auto, not forgetting Final Fantasy and all the sequels!.... Theres so many games out there to choose from!

So, to all the gamers past & present - whats your favourite game of all time - its a toughie I know - I'm having trouble thinking of mine because I've enjoyed so many different ones... :yes: My favourite game right now though is the Sims 2, I love it and am hooked on it - the thought of playing God with little people really appeals to me - its like your own little soap opera on the pooter, much better than Corrie or Enders! But I dunno if its my favourite game of all time......

My favourite console I think was my SNES - was a great little machine and had some brilliant games... closely followed by my Playstation! :thumbsup::thumbsup:

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You'r making me think ( possibly my age) but yeah speccy then the comodore, then then Amiga, then Nintendo, megadrive several alternatives the PSx the x-box and the putter. I wonder how much time I have put in to gaming over the years, frightning lol

I think my favourite games of all time are

1. Sensible Soccer for the Amiga

2. Frontier (Elite II) (PC and Amiga)

3. Lotus Espri Turbo Challange (Amiga)

4. Chaos Engine

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Lotus Turbo for the amiga, crap! but it rocked!

got an Amiga sim on my phone and ive been playing monkey island 2 for the last 2 months! :D

i think though my alltime fave came was Shenmu for the dreamcast, the story line behind it was mind blowing and the game play was incredible

problem though its a 3 part series and they only got to part two before the dreamcast went down the pan

rumour had that part3 was going to xbox but not happened yet AFAIK

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What i deem as the greatest games of all time (in no specific order)

1. Afterburner II (In Hydro Arcade Cabinet)

2. Sonic CD

3. Street Fighter II - all versions (I am officially the daddy :P )

4. Bionic Commando on the Nes (Rock hard)

5. Sega Rally

6. Final Fantasy 7 (Epic is just not big enough a word)

7. Resident Evil Series (All parts of the same continuing story)

8. Metal Gear Series (Same reason as above)


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My favourite game ever is Pro Evolution Soccer 4 on the PS2, I've had every version of that series since the 1 before the 1st ever International Superstar Soccer (it was completely Japanese but it didnt matter, we knew what options to choose & then footballs football isnt it?). I think they're great, they just keep setting the standard every time a new 1 is released & no other football games come close.

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wow there are loads of great games out there that i have played and to put a name on the best thats so hard?

Well heres some the best game that i have played

spy vs spy on the commodore 64

underworld commodore 64

manic miner commodore 64

sonic the hedgehog mega drive

streets of rage mega drive

resident evil Sony play station

metal gear Sony play station

Gran turismo series Sony play station

To name just a few. I will have to have a think about this and add later :yes:


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Spy vs Spy - classic game! Good taste you got Jerry! I used to play that with my brother - I used to love setting traps - it was a brilliant game!

I've been thinking and I'd have to say mine are

(in no particular order)

Donkey Kong Country (SNES)

Zelda - A link to the past (SNES)

Gran Turismo 2 (PSX)

Colin McRae Rally (PSX)

Any GTA game - I'm not fussy, I love them all! :thumbsup:

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I'd say in the arcade, Spy Hunter was a huge hit with that Duane Eddy guitar :thumbsup: track

If we're talking legends---for their time---Asteroids has to up there somewhere along with the original Midway Pac-man. (Did you know that the name Pac-man was derived from the Japanese verb Paku, meaning to eat? :bookworm: )

And probably one of the most influential games ever, with an unbelievable amount of hype for it's time (Nov. 1994, I remember where I was when it finally got released)---Doom.

Although you might say that the original Wolfenstein 3D was the true start of the FPS genre, Doom was an amazing advance for such low-powered hardware (486DX2-66 realistically, with no hardware renderer or proper floating point unit).

Doom appeared in the national press under scaremongering stories like was it too violent, worshipping satan and all the rest. Plus the first versions used broadcast network packets which, although efficient for the game, wrecked many company internal networks in the lunch hour :D

Thing is, you look at where FPS have got to today and there hasn't been a huge improvement on the original Doom in terms of gameplay. The more recent graphic hardware has just made the games look better. Halflife is probably the best of the bunch, with the Quake series, Heretic/Hexen and Unreal/UT getting an honourable mention.


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In no particular order.....

Unreal tournament.. all versions (online.. with all maps etc)

Half life 1 & 2 & blueshift

Toca touring cars

Quake 3

Max Payne

Iss pro.. and the Fifa series

I've really played loads throught the years.. but FPS' has to be the best genre.. and for online play with a few mates.. UT is a must.

Can't play online games now though, due to running a server, i get too much lag, or i would have hosted a few games of UT for all that wanted to play.

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You can't get better than 'Cannon Fodder'! Best game ever......

War!!!! Has never been so much fun...

Come on, sing along, I know you all know the words.

god yes! :eek:

that game rocked!

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Once I got nostalgic about my C64 and got an emulator for one of my PCs. Turns out that what had me up in my underwear all night aged 12 wasn't that entertaining anymore. I liked games like Elite, Monty on the Run, Loco, Uridium, Revenge of the Mutant Camels...

Although I don't really have the time to squander thesedays, I got really absorbed by Halo on the Xbox a few years back (sadly the sequel didn't do it for me), and lately Crash Nitro Kart has been keeping my wife and son entertained (I hardly get a look-in). Couldn't be bothered with Splinter Cell -- I just don't have the time for deeper gaming (or is it the patience?) -- but wouldn't mind some mindless blasting on the scary Doom 3.

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