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Hu Fitted - Now Onto To The Speaker Install


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I have fitted my HU into my yaris after reading the guides on the forum. I decided on the Kenwood KDC-W4031 in the end which I managed to pick up for £60. The Install itself was a success, I managed to lose a screw or two somehow lol, but the end result I was pretty satisfied with. It does look a touch untidy with the standard cassette sat above but I didn't feel the need to pay for extra facsias etc, because I thought I could put my money to better use elsewhere in the install.

Now I've fitted the Headunit, the sound has been improved, but I'm not that impressed. I'm pretty keen to get the basic factory Speakers ripped out and replaced with some good quality new ones. I'm pretty clued up on hi-fi (I have an arcam setup at home) but when it comes to car audio i'm pretty clueless tbh!

I've done some research (most of which through these forums) and with my own preference I have been looking at getting a pair of 6.5" components in the front doors with the tweeters just below the dash, with a pair of 6x9's fitted on a stealth shelf which will replace the factory parcel shelf. I am not installing a subwoofer as I dont want my tiny boot making any smaller, so the 6x9's are there to provide the lower-freq's.

I am looking at getting;

Infinity KAPPA 693.5i 6x9's £70

Infinity Reference 6500cs 6.5" components £75

I am not sure how well they are suited to a kenwood head unit, it seems quite alot of people favour keeping the same manufacturer throughout their setup. I'm pretty new to this stuff so any advice or recommendations for any different Speakers you'd suggest for a similar price to the infinitys would be wicked.

I'd also like to run the Speakers through my head unit but I've read that the Infinity's take quite alot of driving - my headunit is 4 x 50w - do you think this will be enough? Volume wise I won't be be playing it ridiculously loud, but I'd rather there was power to spare rather than it struggling at reasonable volumes.

Any advice/thoughts would be appreciated!

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I'd say that was a pretty decent choice of Speakers mate. :yes:

They won't be running full power through your headunit but they won't be struggling to get loud, they should be powered sufficiently. :thumbsup:

If I was you I would install the speaker part of the components in the door and the tweeters where the dash Speakers are! :)

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