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Early Birds....

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1 was me and one was on the white one if your talking about last saturday...

I believe the White one has had them on longer than me so I guess oyu could argue that I have copied him, especially as he has the tom's scoop which I will be getting two of at some point lol....

Still giggling when I read the word Combe it was just to good a day on Saturday for words.....

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The white was an NA aswell, same as mine, only difference was very little bodykit, did like the look of it in white but would be a :censor: to keep clean :)

Mind you saying that I had to clean mine again yesterday as I think I had the complete bug collection from Oxfordshire, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Monmouth and Gwent on mine, not bad for 3 days work :angry:

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Woah, you guys are running around this thread and I'm only up a couple of hours ago. Too much all night partying again...... Trust you have all had your shredded wheat. :lol::lol::lol:

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