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i am going to buy a new headunit but what is putting me on hold is the steering wheel controls that i have for my oem headunit. I was wondering if anyone could help me out here, i want to keep my steering wheel controls, is their an adapter out there to connect the steering wheel controls to an aftermarket cd player?

also i found this alpine headunit and it states "OEM STEERING REMOTE READY" does this mean i can simply plug my steering wheel controls directly from my oem headunit to that alpine head unit without the use of an adapter?

this is a link to the alpine headunit which is "oem remote ready"


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You should be all right,

and if you look further down it tells you more about this, but here's a copy of what it says,

'Basic controls for the audio system located right on the steering wheel are offered with many vehicles. If you install a new head unit, you do not want to sacrifice this convenience, which is why Alpine head units are compatible with most steering

wheel remote controls.

• You can upgrade with an Alpine unit and not lose any convenience.

• Alpine interfaces and harnesses make installation quick and easy.'

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