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Dukes Of Hazard


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Im thinking of doing the ta22 in the general lee colours with the graphics, what do you guys think, also any ideas where i can get wheels like them on the general lee.

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I think that the car looks nice as it is, and there's quite a few GL replicas about, I've seen Chargers (obviously!), Marinas, Capris (there's one on ebay now!), Cortinas, and even Skodas.

That said, a good signwriter could make up some stickers easily enough and you can peel them off when you've had your fun.

The real GL used American Racing 'Vector' rims, but it'll be hard to find a set in the UK, especially in the 4x4.5" pattern you'd need. In the UK the most common wheel sold in that style is the 100+ 'interstate', they probably made/sold quite a few in the right size and pattern...although finding them now might be a little harder. I believe some early RX7s had a similar wheel fitted, which might fit if you can locate them.

If you're really desperate, then Australia is the place to look...I've seen a set on a Celica, and further invesrigation led me to discover they were relatively common (like, slot mags in the UK)

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