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Another Reason For High Insurance

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I found yesterday it's not just the public ripping off the insurance companies.

After some :censor: in a truck collected the rear arch of my car on Sunday (whilst it was parked) I went quote shopping yesterday.

Since he didn't leave a note I'm up for the bill. I figured straight away it wasn't worth blemishing my insurance.

The guy I went to (highly recommended as he is supposed to be really good) said it would cost my insurance company £550 - £600.

After saying I wanted a cash job and was not seeking a receipt we came up with a figure of £260 cash.

How can you give that kind of discount? Obviously most of them take the ***** with insurance companies. Surely this is the major factor behind high insurance. Not bogus claims from drivers but bogus claims from suppliers.

Don't get me wrong, this guy is well respected in the trade and does a great job. Just worries me that if someone with his reputation and size of business does it what to the guys with the bad reputations get up to?

Enjoy your high premiums everyone.

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