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Previa 2000 Mdl 2.4 Cdx

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Hi All new to this board.

Had Previa 2.4 CDX since dec 2000. Car has been fault free (my only comment is it has a very healthy appitite for front brake pads).

It has done 40500 miles only.

When running gently up the motorway last week it threw on the engine warning light. Apparantly LC1 and LC2 bank 1 and bank 2 sensors claim the Catalyst is running below efficiency.

Dealer claims that it needs new Cat etc cost parts £650 and labour £90 + VAT

They reset and it went off only to come on again 200 miles later again on a long gentle motorway run.

The car never does short stop start and is used mainly on long runs or for a 13 mile A road commute to work so the CAT should not have failed. The dealer tells me thay have changed a lot of Cats and Sensor assemblies under warranty on Previas already...(not convinced by their skills however)

Does the Previa really have a design problem with the CAT's and Sensors? (never changed one yet on a car even running them for 10 years and several 100,000 miles)

Or have the sensors probably failed?

Any suggestions welcome ias i don't really have £900 to part with presently..



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