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Hi All, Does Anyone Have This Problem?


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Hi im MrB,

Im new on here, but its looking like a really helpful site!

I own a Chilli Red Tsport 02 Plate

ive got a rubbing noise from a front wheel arch, when i complete a Full Right lock, ive taken it in to toyota a while ago for the same problem and they said it was the arch cover that had come unclipped!

It has recently happened again, and now it is out of warrenty basically Toyota dont want to know me!

have any of u experienced this?



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firstly, welcome to the site, and sorry to hear about ur problem, cant say i have every experienced this myself.. is you car standard of have u modified such as lowering or larger wheels?

im sure others will be along shortly with other suggestions :thumbsup:

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you say rubbing...would you say it's more of a grateing noise...as i have the same problem. told toyota..they said they fixed it...still does it!! Typical Toyota!!

I belive it's the stone Guard though, just ermm manipulated it away from the brake disc slightly..and no more grating noise. Belive it's due to the steering camber as you go to full lock wheel camber out, and causes this rubbing..if it's the same thing!


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WOW, i have just started having this problem,

honestly a couple of days ago!

I will book it in to Mr. T and let you know what they say!

but 1st i will check out the remedies mentioned here....Thanx :thumbsup:

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