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Tte Front Skirt Bargain Deal!


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Just grabbed a bargain up here in the north east. TTE front bumper spoiler(the cool looking wrap round one), local dealer selling them brand new for £59.95!!!! I priced one a while ago with another dealer and they were 190 quid!

Says he's got a few of them left as well as plenty of other goodies that i'll be going back for come pay day,and he can do mail order too!

He was really helpful so I said i'd give him a mention on here. Managers name is Mark, and his number is 01642 808044 :thumbsup:

Made a nice change to get great service AND a great deal all at once.

Right, off to the bodyshop i go............... :)

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Sorry guys, was rushing through stuff yesterday. Its RMB Teesside near Middlesbrough.

They are a Toyota main dealer, don't have their website details at hand, there is a link off the Toyota main site i think.

i think it fits both early and late yaris, best bet is to giv them a ring with your chassis number as thats what they normally go off.

had a look last night at home by offering it up to the bumper on mine, and reckon its gonna look mint!

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Yeah, it is that one, thanks for pic!

Seen a few on ebay, but felt better buying straight from dealer, and like i said, the service was great and i kinda value that these days.

To be fair to the guy down there, he is open to a bit of bargaining, so i'd definately recommend a call on any parts, not just the spoiler deal.

P.S Nice SR!


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His email is mark.headlam@rmb-teesside.toyota.co.uk

I know that he has quite a few bits for Yaris, as well as other Toyotas, so its worth you contacting him. :)

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