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Dipping The Clutch


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The VVTI engines (02 plate 1.6 t3) are a little slow on the pickup in the lower revs. I seem to get the boost i need by dipping the clutch to get the rev's up; I normally do this when overtaking. Am i doing any damage or will this lead to damage?

On a side issue my Corolla drinks a lot of Oil. Im due a 40k service now, will the toyota Oil be good quality? If not im thinking of giving them a couple of bottles of Shell Ultra i have in the shed, is it worth it?

Thanks for any help guys :)

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i wouldnt start dipping the clutch to get revs, its only gonna wear it out a lot faster than it should....

how about just using lower gears when overtaking, keep the revs up in lower gears and you shouldn't have pickup problems :thumbsup:

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Thanks guys, it was just today that made me think. On way home from work i had truck infront of me and driver in the left lane next to me, it was a filter lane and she wouldnt let me in so i decided i could overtake the truck infront safer than trying to negoiate some small gap to the side and infront of me. It was low speed, like 20mph and i'd already changed to 2nd. About 2krpm maybe and i had no pickup so i dipped the clutch whilst overtaking until i got a kick.

I dont know what damage it can do but i'll stop now

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