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"bolt On" Tuning


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Has anyone knowledge or experience of the tuning kits available for the D4D. There appears to be numerous companies offering to increase bhp and torque by the addition of their tuning box, all of which can be fitted in under an hour!!

I appreciate these sell around the £400+ mark, but are they any good?

Got to be someone who's tried them?

Thanks :blink:

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Now this isn't the same I know, but I ran one on my Passat and it made a fair difference.

Until I had a go in one that had been chipped properly. A proper chip is worth the money, and can be tailored to your car.

Not sure how Toyota diesels respond to it though. They may work well with the box.

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Toyota do have a D4D tuning kit as sold in certain parts of Europe it's made by T.T.E. (Toyota Team Europe same Toyota folks that make the Toyota F1 car), Toyota GB do not support or sell it sadly.

But I believe there are other ECU chip upgrades made by other companies for the RAV4. Have a search on RAV4world.com I sure there has been talk in the past about ECU chip upgrades.

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