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Thought i might share this:

Air Con was always fantastic in the car unitl beginning of this summer, then it did not work:

Reason no gas

Cause pipe had corroded in the Drivers side rear wheel arch

Behind the inner plastic lining the pipe passes through a plastic clip, salt and mud had built up behind this lining (Hamsphires country roads i guess) and 2 visible holes through the pipe. Dealer could not find the problem incidently - and wanted to change this and that - went to a specialist in Alton who found it in around 2 mins, spliced in a new section of pipe and fixed it for a little over £200 all whilest i waited - he started at 5pm and finished at 7-30 that's what i call service...now it is very very cold!!!!!!

Managed to post pictures of this in gallary under gallery name NAP_Previa for some reason this won't let me past the link into here ??


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after replacing the condenser on ours (£250) and getting it re-gased we found that the identical pipe had gone on ours also.

They seem to wear at the point they fix into the clip. I think we will mod the mounting so that the insulation can be bushed right to the end, hopefully this will stop the problem from happening again.

On ours it was the inner most pipe.

The pipe itself is probably 5ft long when straight, cost from dealer for that??????

£80+the dreaded :eek:

toyota really take the p!ss with their prices.

on the plus side i was a sinch to remove.

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