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Different Coloured Trim


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Should I colour code the darker coloured trim around my car?

Does anyone have any pictures of it done (my car is red)

I already have the paint because I just bought it for my new rear panel so Im just wondering it if looks better and if its worth the hastle?

Is the trim easy to get off so I can paint it?

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do you mean the side strips that run mid way down each side of the rev2?....

if so.. yup yup! do it... I reckon it looks much better... I am gonna when i get some time/money :P

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Ok thats decided then i'll do it lol... now how do they come off?? Sure I read in a post the other day that they are all screwed on except the doors which are glued on :angry:

Jay go to Halfords the paint it only £10 just tell them the colour code (under bonnet) and they'll mix it. Its an exact match too :D

Yea I mean the darker trim in the pic below...

Does anyone have a pic of it done, or can anyone photoshop my car (I'd do it but I'm not very good at it)

Thanks :D


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