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Celica Mk 7

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I got my pride and joy about 6 weeks ago now and i love drivingit.Having had a Mister 2 before hand didn't think i'd get on with it but i have to say the thing is great to drive and economy to boot.

Just wondered if you know of any simple power upgrades that could give me a bit more uuumph without having to rip the engine apart and start changing Cams etc.

Many Thanks


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supercharge it if you can afford it. has been tried and tested and adds some more oomph.

other than that mate its just a simple case of exhaust and induction... but you wont get 'that' much more out of her.

the 190BHP gen 7 (vvtli) has the benefit of another 50 bhp in lift mode and 'feels' like a kick from a turbo, I am led to believe by all accounts and what I have read.

I've kinda learned that with normaly aspirated engines there aint 'that' much to be done and your better off, imho, leaving it pretty much standard and enjoying what it has got rather than thinking about what it lacks - if it's a problem for you then I'd seriously reccomend upgrading to the 190 as by the time you spend on modifying it, it's a gauntlet of losing power :rolleyes: somewhere in the rev range.. Toyota did a lot to get it 'just' right and messing is just that, messing.

want more power - get one with a more powerful engine, can't really say it fairer and more frank mate.

oh, a 50hp direct port progressive nitrous system will of course give you instant massive torque increases at the drop of a hat everywhere in the rev range, just make sure the engine isnt hiding any faults as nitrous will find them quickly and destroy it...

all the best, treat her well and she'll look after you, as you said, power and economy, a very wise choice imho :D , and a belated welcome to TOC ;)


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Thanks for the welcome some of these web things can be a bit too much of an in crowd thing ommitting others but judging by the bits i've read you guys seem welcoming and helpful after all we're all petrol heads lol.

Thanks for the advice and i'll prob wait a year and upgrade to the 190bhp vehicle (dependent on wife lol)

truly like the car just wondered if the fuel economy is any good on the 190 model. we can all read figures from a book but i did that with the MR2 and it did nothing like it said in the book. This car however does ! weird !

Many thanks


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Hi - and welcome! :thumbsup:

I have a T-Sport (190) and can safely say it's a complete ball!! I took it out last night to pick up the missus and went via some of my fave country lanes, wound it up to 8.2k a few times and had a stupidly big smile on my face!!

As for mpg - it works out scarily close to the book!! I only use Optimax as I (and Gordy) find it to really enhance the responsiveness of the car and hopefully is doing a bit of good to the engine at the same time. I tend to get about 33mpg on a mixed bag of driving. If I'm driving around town I probably get <25mpg, but definately over 40mpg on a real proper run, sitting at 80mph.

If you crank the thing up, say at around 90-100mph (in Germany say ;) ) then the mpg really suffers. Plus, to be brutally honest, the engine's &#33;Removed&#33; loud at that speed (>5k rpm) so it's not the most comfortable, soundwise, anyway.

As for buying one.....do what I did.........don't tell the missus and come home with a new one anyway!! :lol:

Unfortunately, that decision is still coming back to haunt me, and as a result I'm still in the doghouse six months later :( - but still worth it!! :D

Enjoy your car! :thumbsup:


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Welcome to the club fella!

Yeah, we're a pretty friendly bunch around here. Don't be afraid to ask anything, there's always gonna be someone who's a noob at something, and fortunately ridicule is rare...

If you're gonna stick with the motor you have, then the route is probably filter, exhaust & de-cat. Probably get you up to about 150 - 155bhp with a better throttle response (its the route I'm about to go down, finances and girlfriend's constant demands for new hand-bags allowing).

After that, then you can look at either the Blitz Supercharger (not far off 5 grand from Fensport), or the C2 Power turbo (about 3.5 Grand from C2 Power, in Belgium). Both of those prices are just for the bits - you'll need to find someone to fit them, unless your a dab-hand with a spanner.

Both are used in Celica's in the UK, with pretty much the same result BHP wise (although remember the Supercharger will be much better for your engine, and gives you the power throughout the rev range, rather than the turbo which will be a kick in the ***** at which ever point you set it at in the rpm). Obviously be wary of insurance costs with all this as well, Tesco probably won't take too kindly to such a mod'ed car if you get there.

As Spuff said, economy is pretty much as it says on the tin. If you can justify the insurance costs of the 190, and the price of a masseuse to get your cheeks back to normal from that grin, then go for it! Personally I think I am a bit too attached to my 140 now to swop...

Well, good luck with whatever you decide, and I hope you get a lot of pleasure from the car! :thumbsup:

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Thanks for the replys guys !

The 190 sounds like fun and i'll prob run this beauty for a year and have a play with a few upgrades,My missus wasn't too pleased when i tipped up with this car but she much prefers it to the Mister 2 so might have her on side when the time comes.lol

Think the next change will prob be the wheels whoever had mine before has scuffed them. Do you know if the wheels off the T-Sport bolt straight on or maybe some other reccomendations that you have would be cool.

Just need to find time to use the car at the moment working 7 days at moment.Although took it up to seeside town of Whitby a couple of weeks back with a mixture of dual carraigeway,steep hills and twisty lanes it handled and drove perfect,No fatigue from driving either,my previous car i needed pain killers after a long journey lol.

Once again thanks for the big welcome


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Yep, any Celica wheels will fit on any Celica (well, thats true of Gen6, and Gen7's anyway), so the T-Sport wheels will fit no problems... You might want to think about going a bit more individual though, and getting them from elsewhere.

Here's (clicky) not a bad start. Have a roumage around TOC, and you'll come across links for loads of different web sites for wheels... Have a look through the galleries as well, see what works on what car and what you like the look of, then take the plunge!

Yeah, agree about the lack of fatigue thing - I do 4 hour motorway sints in mine without a break, and I feel fine.

You just can't go wrong with a Celica! :D

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