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Amazon Auto Gearbox Problem


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Please can anyone help. I have 2 problems with my Land Cruiser Amazon 2002 4.2TD Auto box. My local dealer doesn't acknowledge there's any problem.

(i) PWR button doesn't seem to do anything and

(ii) The box has a 'lock-up' on 4th gear (and 3rd when O/D off button pressed) to give a direct drive (ie no slip and Engine speed is directly proportional to wheel speed). Problem occurs when in cruise - the box comes out of direct drive, the slip returns and the economy goes down.

Never used a forum before. Hope someone is interested enough (or bored enough) to respond.



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The power button if like in other toyota's, hold whichever gear your in for a longer time, there is no "Boost" as in extra turbo charger .

As regards overdrive, what may appear as a problem may be a safety feature to prevent damage being caused elsewhere in the drive train.

Maybe I am totally wrong but may I suggest talking to a Toyota engineer as in tech help at Toyota HQ.


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