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Gearbox Problems


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I own a TT 6 speed. The gearchange between 1st-2nd and 2nd-3rd is quite heavy and I've noticed that it's sometimes quite noisy.

Is this a cause for concern? (car has 100K on the clock).

I'm wondering if anyone else has had similar problems and if there's anything that can be done other than replacing the gearbox?


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Normally is the synchros. And being the 'launch' gears on a performance car this shouldn't be unexpected. Best replace them whilst it is synchros before it's gears.

Before going that far though change the gearbox oil, run for a bit, and then change it again. It is often overlooked during fluid changes. It may just be old gummy oil and the synchros are too slow to react as they are not free to move.

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