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I know this kind of thing has been talked about before but i have never seen a really helpfull answer,

I had a Carina E .and took it to a really high mileage as a Taxi with few problems.i did get the management warning light come on at times and with referance to the Haynes manual you could jump the din socket with a piece of wire an read the blink codes on the dash. i found it worked very well.

Changed now to an Avensis 18 vvti. and Yes the management light came on a couple of times. You can get it to go out by pulling out the EUC fuse for 10 seconds but my question is ,does anyone know if you can read the codes in a simillar way to the Carina E .

Also the gear change go's stiff and hard to change 1st to 2nd, I assume this is down to the clutch somewhere, Idid give it lots of WD 40 through the release rod opening which worked wonders for quiet some time, and am wondering if anyone else has a similar problem, Thanks from Jim.

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Spraying WD on your clutch area isn't always recommended. Especially anywhere near the friction plates. Also it acts as a degreasant and can cause problems you never originally had.

If the clutch is releasing properly, then this would point to gear box trouble. Or maybe it's normally like that?

I know you could link out the terminals on the 1998 Avensis, I did it myself. The carina E manual comes in usefull even with the avensis.

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