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I'm thinking of making up a website with guides and stuff for Celica's, just more of a central point for people to check instead of getting the same questions poping up every now and then, and hopefully the Mod's would be kind enough to put a sticky up for it once its up and running ;) . I would like your feedback on the idea....

1- Is it worth doing? Would you use it?

2- Recommendations on what you would want on it (and links / info / input for existing guides for me).

3- Anything else you think would be cool to put on it.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts,

I'll start on it this weekend if it looks like a worthy idea. :thumbsup:

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We dont normally create stickies for external websites, even if they linked back. We build this site to act as a resource and we would not really want our traffic coming in then dissaperaing again... not being awkward or anything.

We would certainly add your website to our links page.

Howver, If you are deadly serious about setting up guides and tips then I am sure we can set up a sub forum for you and you run it... saves alot of time and the traffic is already here.

Send me a PM if you are interested.

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I think what Steve suggests is probably the best idea. Saves everybody some work and also keeps it more contained. It can be a bit of a pain trolling round all the celica sites sometimes.

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