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4efe Owners I Need A Bit Of Your Help


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my dad owns a 95 corolla with a 4EFE engine. since we bought it used we didnt get the owners manual. if any of you got it and a few minutes of spare time please take a photo/scan the following part from the manual: motor Oil recommendations for gasoline engines. this is what it looks like for my 2E:


thanks for the help!

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Hello there to the (former) Yugoslavia (or whats left of it :lol: :!Removed!: )

With regards to your Oil recommendation page you will find that is applicable to all Petrol Toyotas.

So that chart will be ideal for either of the Toyotas in your family.

For normal Summer use I would recommend 10w 40 (or even 10w 50 if you have hot summers, i.e. if you live south in 'SPLIT').

Then if you have severe winter -10 to -30 for long periods (do you live up north?) then I would run 10w 30 for winter time.

Generally in Britain a Corolla form the 1980's and 1990's is run on 10w 40 all year round.

Happy Motoring.

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