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Paseo & Sera Owners

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Hello people. I think i am right in saying that the Sera and Paseo more or less share the same engine.

But i know that the engine in the Sera is more powerful.

Basically i know sumone who has a spare Sera engine and i was wondering if there is anything worth taking off it to increase the power of my 5E-FE.

Im not too sure what is what but will fitting the head and intake manifold of the Sera lump benefit my engine?

Please advise me on how to take advantage if possible of this Sear engine

Thanks for reading :thumbsup:

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nah, i wouldnt change over the whole engine mate, the fhe takes a separate coil, the fhe has slightly higher lift cams and a different inlet mani with larger throttlre body, the throttle body wont plug into your loom tho mate.


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Thanx for the responses guys

'toyotasera.co.uk' is it worth doing the cams and injectors then?

I was finking of doing the the top cam cover because if i buy that then i can have it polished b4 fitting it.

anyway guys, thanx for ur help so far

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Cams would be worthwhile if you can find some.

Injectors - worth trying - I've got a spare set, but don't know if the Paseo ECU can handle them.  There is one way to find out...


Sorry if im being dumb but i take it the cams u are referring to are the ones from the sera engine?

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