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im new 2 this site, seem's like a very friendly site! :D

i jus need'd sum info on alloys,

wel my brother got a celica gt4 st185 and he want'd 2 buy sum toora 5

for it, i had a look on ebay n saw 18'' toora 5, but i need 2 no wot the off set is of the celica that we got n will they fit?

any help would be great! :thumbsup:


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Can't help with the question I'm afraid, but welcome anyways! Am sure someone will be along to help you out, and I'll be surprised if it isn't already listed someone in this forum. Have a search (use the search box at the bottom of each thread listing) and see what you come out with!

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cheers daktari :thumbsup:

the wheels r still on ebay

have a look, they r da 1s dat wer on the beemer

let me no wot u think!

thanks :thumbsup:

someone dus a lot of texting then :D its like a different language wot udr wrds kan u shortn 2 make it totally gibbrish :ffs:

hate texting me thumbs r 2 big :wacko:

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