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I would like to kno if after market Fuel Pressure Regulators are worth fitting.

Do they actually make any noticable difference in performance or do they just increase fuel consumption?

Also if i had one fitted, would it be necessary to fiddle with the ECU?

Thanx for ur time guys :thumbsup:

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err, as far as im aware, a adjustable fuel pressure regulator allows the fueling system to supply more fuel to the engine, but to feel the full effect of this you would probably need to make some other alterations, probably the easiest way to do this would be to put in some of the fhe injectors as u've been talking about in your other post. altho you may need to have a play with it for a while with the new injectors to get it to run properly.

i think the most noticeable difference will be in response of the engine and pic up thru the rev range, as the engine is able to be supplied with more fuel, faster (so you probabaly wont be looking at a noticeable horsepower increase).

anyone disagree with what ive said? as this is just my understanding of how to go about it. ;)


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the amount of different in response on a standard engine would be extremely minimal.

higher fuel pressures are rarely needed on an n/a car,even tuned ones unless highly tuned.

turbo cars are more likely to need one becuase when boost is increase more air will be introduced but the standard pressure it runs at will mean the injectors will struggle to suply enough fuel.

also if a fcd is used the ecu is being tricked so will supply less fuel.

adjustable regulators can also be used to drop the pressure if bigger injectors are being used.

you just have to ensure that the fuel pump is man enough to supply enough fuel, or it will burn out.

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