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I was wondering around London today - so i took the opertunity to pop into a few phone shops up their.

I'm due for an upgrade on my orange contract, & i'm looking for a PDA phone.

has anyone got either the Orange M2000 or the O2 XDA series of phones?

i'm after one to combine my phone & PDA which i usually have on me & need one with WiFi built in..


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ive got a 910i that runs a Symbian OS, its seriously mega! memory is a tad low but can be upgraded with a bigger mem card

doesnt have wifi though so might not quite cater for your needs

but im seriously impressed!

one of the best bits is the pdf reader as i can load the manuals for the gizmos in the car onto it and not have 60 pages of a4 paper floating round!

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I just mentioned the other day on another thread, I've had my MDA Compact on T-Mobile for about a month now. I think it's great apart from I've now got a 2 month old PDA (Tapwave Zodiac2) that's been made redundant!

It's like the XDA (Windows mobile 2003) but the size of an iPod so it's phone sized rather than house brick sized. It's also known as the iMate Jam, XDA Mini (not available in the UK yet) and also the SPV M500.

just like the P910i, you need to get an SD card to boost the memory as it's a bit paltry at 64MB (although there's a 128MB version out in the wilds at the mo!)

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hmmm - :bookworm: just looked on the T-mobile web site, but it doesn't say what SD cards the phones take - was just wondering if i got the MDA Compact would i beable to get a Wifi SD card?

lol - nm just found the info - "The MDA Compact features an SD/MMC slot supporting SDIO"


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well after looking around & reading a few magazines - i decided to try the Orange M2000.

M2000 Specs

Operating System: Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition for Pocket PC Phone Edition

CPU: - Intel XScale, 400 MHz

Memory: 64 MB Flash ROM, 128 MB SDRAM

Screen: 3.5", 240 x 320 pixels Transflective TFT-LCD

Connectivity: GSM/GPRS, bluetooth, 802.11b, IrDA and USB

Camera: Color CMOS VGA camera

Integrated QWERTY keyboard

Size: 125 x 71.6 x 18.7 mm = 4.92 x 2.82 x 0.73 in

Expansion: MMC/SDIO

So i called Orange & said i was thinking of leaving, they came back straigt away with a reduced tarrif & 75% off of the phone upgrade cost which was £100 originally.

in the end i got them down to 500min xnetwork & 100 txt for £30 a month & a free M2000 :thumbsup:

ohh - & 6 mnths half price line rental :lol:

phone should be arriving Thursday :thumbsup:


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Get yourself over to www.xda-developers.com Although the site is called XDA, it deals with all the phone made by the company HTC.

You'll find lots of useful stuff about your phone, even how to get unnoficial firmware upgrades (which I imagine will instantly void the warranty). They also have a prog to unlock your phone, so it's worth a look just for that (some guy on ebay is selling this unlocking service on eBay :arrgg-matey: , still I guess if people are stupid enough to pay for it eh!), Just had a quick look and it looks like the M2000 is known as the "BlueAngel".

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