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Mr2 Turbo Tech Query


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Had my Turbo 92 model for 6 months and have spent fair bit now, ie, hybrid turbo, new HKS exhaust, ram induction Aquamist water injection, water spray on intercooler etc etc.

Not running an electronic boost controller, just bleed valve.

Problem is that standard turbo car torque curve is usually peak torque at 4000 rpm falling off around 5000 to 5500. My curve is peak torque at 5100 falling back immediately. Obviously this affects performance considerably.

Ive been told that slow boost is due to bigger turbo. But fitting electronic boost controller should improved spool up and maintain torque peak for longer.

If this is 'completely true' then great problem solved but other sources tell me that it will not improve spool up time because only by adjusting the preload on the actuator can that be done.

Can anyone tell me how much of this is true and is it worth the investment?

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a boost controller won't make you boost quicker and hold boost for longer than a bleed valve. well it could help by a millisecond or 2 on the quick boosting but it'll not affect boost at high revs as that's down to efficiency of the turbo, a bleed valve will hold max boost all the way to the redline.

your torque drop off will be down to some other reason. possibly like people say it could be the actuator. but it certainly won't be solved by a boost controller.

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Ive had it fitted and I can tell you it did improve spool up and maintain peak torque. Also enabled higher horsepower figures due to ability to maintain max boost with out risk of overboost.

I spoke with G Force motor sport who specialise in racing porsches and they said that this would happen. Instead of adjusting preload up on the actuator to stop boost drop off, I have now been able to turn it right back to minimum preload and let the controller do the work. They also said, 'fit one, we promise you wont be disapointed.'

On rolling road Max torque came in at 4400 RPM whereas previously it was coming in at 5100. This was unexpected as I didnt think that a bleed valve bleeds that much away.

The torque is held at max betwween 4400 to 5500 rpm which is a massive improvement from previous.

On the road the acceleration is noticably better.

Its nice to have full control of your vehicles power curve displayed in front of you.

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