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2ltr Tt Aero Mk3 Going On Ebay


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Baaaaaaaaaa... that the closes one to mine I have seen yet...

Narrow body....... check.


Twin turbo.............check

Manual (very rare!).... nope :P

There area few twin turbos narrow bodies... and I have seen two twin turbo aeros.. but apart from that one, mine and one other I have never seen the two combined!

Very rare car folks.. I was offered £5k for mine at jae 2003 and declined it....

Engine needs a good clean, the front lip is missing but it looks to be fairly straight from the pics... A uk spec turbo exhaust will fit straight on (cat back)..

That fog light needs to go though!!!!!!

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Yeah, someone got the bargain of a lifetime. I wish I had the cash, I would so love to have got it.

I spotted another one just popped up, same spec and colour, don't think it's an aero though. 6 days left to go on it.

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