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Hilux Surf....spec/info..

sideshow bob

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make sure you buy the 3.0 litre model.. alot more power than the 2,4 which is pretty slow.

Most are autos and manuals are hard to find. Still a pretty good tranny.

They are pretty good to drive.. especially over speed humps

Fuel costs are worse than my lexus though

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They are great cars but as Steve said if you can get a 3.0ltr try to get that as the 2.4 is slighty under powered and the 2.4 has a nasty reputation for cracking clyinder heads.

I have the 2.4TD which is a very good vehicle but my father in law has the 3.0TD which is very powerful.

Mainly they are pretty much bullet proof, very strong, fantactic off roaders, very comfortable, parts are quite easy to get, easy to work on, other road users tend to get out the way :lol: , loads of mods for them, a good following, the only bad thing i can think about them is they take ages to clean :P .

Ive had mine for neally 2 years and i had a MR2 turbo and i had to sell one of them so the MR2 had to go :ph34r: .

Just a word of warning though if you get one dont put it in 4WD unless you are on slippy stuff as they thave no center diff so if you have it in 4WD on the hard stuff (tarmac, concrete roads ect ect) it will get transmission whind up and break something.

But best of luck and hope to see you on here soon with a Hi-lux :thumbsup:

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