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Well bought another MR2 yesterday after not owning one since Jan its a Rev 2 1993 G-Limited, its only done 53,000 miles, Full MOT, 15" Compomotive Motorsport rims with new tyres, HKS Induction Kit :D

Got it for £1900 so was a a bargain, needed a few bits and bobs that ive done today so all good. Really needs bigger tyres though so sorting that ASAP!

The mods I want to add are clear front lenses, leather/alacantra seats, momo steering wheel, chrome gear surround, rev 3 rear lights, gearknob and that will do for now!

I forgot how powerful MR2's are and how fun they are to drive :P


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Cheers, I love the colour I think it is called Cornflower blue from a discussion on other MR2 forum, its similar to the colour find on Audi's and VW's.

Just need them 225/50/15's on rear, 205/50/15's on front and clear front lenses :)

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haha cheers for the replies!

Yeah it was a bargain, I think the guy must of thought filling up your steering fluid, sorting out wires for headlight retractor motor and clipping front splitter was a big job or something! Thats all Ive had to sort out!

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