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Yaris Dash Speaker Upgrade?

Mick G

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Hello all,

just looking for advice on speaker upgrades.

I've got a 04 Yaris T2 which came with a Radio/Cassette player and just the 2 stock Speakers in the dash (none in the doors). I've fitted an £80-ish Panasonic CD player. When I turn the CD up the dash Speakers start distorting.

I've found (from the the Yaris forum) that the dash Speakers are 10cm and very easy to replace.

My question is, would something relatively cheap and chearful (like the Sony XSA1027 for £30-40) actually give me an improvement?

I'm not looking to be shaking peoples windows as I drive past, just to have an improvement on the stock speakers. Or would I just be wasting £30 and end up with no real improvement in sound or volume?

I hope someone can offer some advice.

Thanks in advance,


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Hi there ,

I have a yaris as well . My first mod was some kenwood 10cm Speakers , they only cost me 20 quid on sale and they made a major improvement over stock, basically because the stock Speakers are made of cheap paper/cardboard......

I suggest that you upgrade the dash Speakers , then in future use your two extra outputs from the head unit for some 6x9 parcel shelf speakers....

You will notice the difference immediately.. :thumbsup:


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Yep, as the man says - do it... I'll never understand why car manufactorers insist on putting in such rubbish Speakers in the first place.

For £40 you'll get yourself a reasonable set of Speakers. You'll probably want a pair of 2 way coaxial's (woofer, and tweeter combined in one unit), and replacing them should be easy as... As long as you can get to your existing Speakers easily, it'll be a 3 minute job to replace them.

Good luck! :thumbsup:

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Excellent!!! That's just what I wanted to hear.

Thanks for spending the time you two.



There is a guide somewhere on the yaris forum with pics showing you exactly how to change it......look in the 'how to section' or use the search!

If you can't find it ask again and i'm sure someone will point you in the right direction :thumbsup:

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