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ok i have a 96 coroalla and it vibrates like hell. Is there anything that is known to go loose on these things that i can tighten. I am a car idiot so put it in laymen terms if u could.

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I'm not a Corolla expert but have noticed a lot of posts in the past from currrent owners who have had similar issues, a number of members have posted different ways in which they have fixed this problem.

It easily fixed and shouldn't casueyou to many problems, searching the forum should supply the answer, hope that helps a bit :D

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1. your idle speed is too low.

Ok how can this be fixed?

2. you've got a loose thingy behind your glovebox.

once agian how can this be fixed. Like how can gain access to this.

sorry for newb questions but i just got it tues.

Thanks a ton for the help. :thumbsup:

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